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Are you a sole surviving joint tenant in Western Australia? Here's what you need to know.

Frequently I come across clients who have held an interest in property as a joint tenant with another, usually a partner or parent, and that other tenant has passed away.

Clients are either unaware that there is anything further to be done in order for the Certificate of Title to be updated to their sole name, or they do not have the impetus to deal with the relevant documentation at the time of passing of their loved one.

However steps do need to be taken and it is important that they are.

Most commonly, a Survivorship Application will need to be lodged with Landgate by the surviving joint tenant. This is a relatively painless exercise that requires completion of the relevant forms and a verification of identity check.

Attending to such transfer of interest promptly will ensure that the subject property is held in the correct name for future transfer and inheritance purposes. Real difficulties arise where the correct ownership is not reflected on the Certificate of Title.

Feel free to reach out today should you have any queries in this regard.


Make sure your home is held in the correct name on the passing of a loved one.

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