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Your Succession Plan - Information for Initial Meeting

In order to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your succession plan, it would be most helpful if you could please be prepared to discuss the following information when we meet, thank you:

1. Your full name, date of birth and current address;

2. Your family structure (i.e. spouse, siblings, parents and children) and their details;

3. Your profession/trade/occupation;

4. All assets held in your name only (i.e. shares, cars, investment house, life insurance policy etc);

5. Any assets held jointly and with whom (i.e. family home, bank account etc);

6. Details of any assets, including bank accounts or property, held outside of Australia;

7. A general description of liabilities that you owe;

8. Any interests that you hold in trusts, family companies, joint ventures or partnerships;

9. Any trustee, director, partner and the like positions that you hold;

10. Details of any shareholder, unit holder or partnership agreement(s) that you or an associated entity are a party to;

11. Your superannuation arrangements and intentions on passing;

12. Details of any life insurance policies that you hold through superannuation, as well as outside of superannuation;

13. Your intentions regarding your estate on passing (i.e. who will receive what and how, would you consider testamentary trusts for example and do you wish to specifically deal with personal effects?);

14. Details of any person(s) to exclude and detailed reasons for such exclusion(s);

15. Who you would like to be Executor(s) of your Estate;

16. Who you would like to be Guardian(s) of your minor children, if any;

17. Details of any prior Wills;

18. Wishes regarding disposal of your remains (should you wish to specify this);

19. Whether you would like to put in place any of the following further documents:

a. Wills Agreement - when preparing your Will with a spouse, a Wills Agreement documents your common intention that on the last of you to pass, the assets of your union will move to the back-up beneficiaries described under your new Wills [Y/N]

b. Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) nomination (in relation to property and financial decisions to be made on your behalf and enduring through a loss of capacity) and whom you wish to nominate if such EPA is put in place;

c. Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG) nomination (in relation to healthcare and lifestyle decisions to be made on your behalf in the event of a loss of capacity) and whom you wish to nominate if such EPG is put in place;

d. Advanced Health Directive (AHD) form documenting your end-of-life treatment decisions on a loss of capacity. The decisions that you document in your AHD form will be binding on your Enduring Guardians [Y/N]

20. Any other wishes that you may have regarding your personal estate and assets that you control, including in relation to associated entities (i.e. family companies or trusts).

Please feel free to reach out to the team at Succession Solutions Perth, for any clarification in relation to the above.

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