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Succession Planning Fee Guide

Updated: Jul 2

The key benefit of engaging a legal professional to prepare your succession plan, is the advice provided, as well as tailoring of documents specific to your circumstances, based on years of training and experience. Such advice and bespoke documentation will allow for an optimised outcome, with a reduction in the likelihood of disputes and considered thought provided as to the most efficient tax and financial implications. Another key advantage from a Client's perspective, is the assumption of risk by such legal practice, for example SSP, around the advice given and documents prepared.

We set out below an indicative guide as to our fees for key succession plan engagements:

  1. Review of existing succession documentation (i.e. Wills, EPAs, EPGs, Shareholder/Partnership Agreements, Company Constitutions, Trust Deeds, SMSF Deeds and BDBNs), planning discussion thereof and summary email: $600 - $1,100 plus GST;

  2. Preparation, review and signing of Will without trust structures, including tailored Template Letter of Wishes: $900 - $1,800 plus GST;

  3. Preparation, review and signing of Will with trust structures, including tailored Template Letter of Wishes: $1,600 - $2,800 plus GST;

  4. Statutory Declaration to accompany Will (i.e. around exclusion of a beneficiary): $750 - $850 plus GST;

  5. Wills Agreement: $800 plus GST;

  6. Trust Deed update for succession purposes: $800 plus GST;

  7. Preparation, review and signing of EPA and EPG nominations, including tailored Template Letter of Wishes: $150 - $300 plus GST per EPA and EPG nomination;

  8. SMSF BDBNs: $250 plus GST per nomination;

  9. Grant of Probate: $1,200 - $1,600 plus GST;

  10. Tax advice, preparation of Agreements, Estate Administration: $600 plus GST per hour, with a fee estimate provided prior to each such engagement.

For items 1. - 9. above, a fee will always be provided at the outset, such that Clients have certainty and peace of mind knowing that our correspondences, meetings and the preparation and signing of documentation will not exceed such agreed fee.

Feel free to reach out to us today if you would like to discuss your matter and how we can assist.

P: (08) 6160 5293;


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